Reena Saini

Awakening to Spirit with Chakra Healing
by Guided Meditations

Chakra balancing is a system addressing the process of opening all 7 chakras. Their names are:

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara)
  • Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
  • Heart Chakra (Anahata)
  • Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)
  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)
  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Chakra healing is done through chakra balancing aka chakra opening under a strict postural discipline. In fact it is a system of releasing every muscle block in the way of kundalini movement. Hence the procedure ends up in a youthful body which is taut, flexible and agile. It also ends up in a peaceful mind which is sharp, sane and relaxed.

7 chakras are 7 energy nodes in the body. At their locations, they trap the cosmic pranic energy in a whirl on its way through the spinal cord. But if they are open, they let the energy pass through without any resistance in its path. And if they are closed, which they generally are, they block the said energy from moving ahead. You can use this free chakra test to know your chakra status.

The issue is that we need to open all 7 chakras with intuition. But we need to do so without any outside intrusion of massage or any other physical intervention. In fact we do it by releasing every muscle block through re-posturing the body. Re-posturing dissolves these fibrous nodes in the due course of time.

Once dissolved, they no more trap energy named kundalini in its normal flow through the spinal cord. This uninterrupted flow of kundalini is the mother of all medicine on earth. The procedure is named chakra healing. It keeps the body and the mind in their perfect state of health lifelong.

Root Chakra Blocking 1st Chakra’s Free Energy of Kundalini Flow

Root chakra not only induces lifestyle diseases but also blocks 1st chakra’s free energy of kundalini flow from rising above its location in the body. There, by dint of lying closed in its path, it turns its streamline flow into a swirling whirl of energy. Thus it moves this free energy in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow.

The effect of this blockage shows up in the awareness – which is nothing else but a derivative of energy flow through the body as such – getting spiritually frustrated, giving birth to the two opposite kinds of fears, the fear of losing existence as death; and the fear of being left alone while in existence as life, i.e., the loneliness!

The fear of losing existence expresses itself in the garb of personal ego as against the sensitivity of compassion. This sensitivity is there for the fellow human beings around, along with, for the entire existence around. Also this personal ego confines the awareness within its own biological cage. It numbs the sensitivity of compassion ending up developing all the petty emotions bothering for the personal self alone.

The antithesis of this fear of death confining the awareness in its own biological cage expresses itself in a frustrated desire to break out of it and be one with the rest, which shows up itself as feeling missing which no one knows what, i.e., the loneliness.

Existential Contradictions

Thus the root chakra blocks the free energy of kundalini flow at the very beginning of its journey through spine. It induces all the biologically existential contradictions in a potentially exceptional life system that we, the humans, are!

We need to know how to open root chakra. Also, we need to know how to heal the chakras. We also need root chakra healing. And we need to heal all the seven chakras!

Root chakra opens up through dissolving its muscular contractions around the pelvis and the lower back through root chakra clearing. When it does so, the energy is able to move one step up to the next chakra. Here it again turns into a swirling whirl moving in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow.

Sacral Chakra Blocking 2nd Chakra’s Free Energy Of Kundalini Flow

Sacral chakra, when closed, blocks 2nd chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow that has either been freed along its route through the root chakra below, opening its gates to its flow; or else the little trickles of it that have escaped around the closed gates of the chakra below.

7 Chakras 1

It’s not that all the seven chakras are always 100% closed. In fact had they been so. life energy would have left our body with its no supply passing through it. It would have left us a dead man or a dead woman within no time.

As the root chakra opens up, its free energy of Kundalini flow moves one step up to the sacral chakra. There it again turns into a swirling whirl moving in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow.

It is the hara, two inches below the belly button that the sacral chakra centers around.


What Actually Happens

What happens here is that we are not able to hold energy in the lower part of our torso. It’s because the muscles over there need GETTING stretched to that extent in order to summon it up. Secondly they need KEEPING stretched for the duration of time that we want to hold the energy within.

Now what the process of sex does to our bodies is that it stretches their lower parts. And it does so to the extent of the passion we have for our partner. Hence the muscular contractions around the abdomen get temporarily dissolved. This allows the free energy of Kundalini to start flowing in through the lower body up toward the head.

But our muscles are not habitual of it. They cannot bear the ‘strain’ of getting stretched out of their habitual contraction for long. They tend to contract again, throwing all the energy accumulated during the entire episode of sex.

It’s only that they either accumulate very little of this energy or they throw it out a little too early. The former condition explains impotence, ejaculatory incompetence, orgasmic dysfunction, vaginismus, frigidity and a poor sex performance. The latter condition explains what premature ejaculation stands for.

Solar Plexus Chakra Blocking 3rd Chakra’s Free Energy Of Kundalini

When 3rd chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow gets blocked by the solar plexus chakra aka Manipura chakra at its location, it results in feeling suffocated both at the level of the body as well as at the level of the mind.

We forget how to let go. We start holding up tight everything that comes up in life.

As we suffocate ourselves, we also tend to suffocate every other thing or person in contact with us.

We turn a little bit too much possessive as far as owning a thing is concerned.

When the openness of the body constricts, the mind goes narrow as well.

Body Affecting Mind

It does so at two levels. First the feelings go constricted, turning us less sensitive to the pains and pleasures of our fellow humans around. We just turn into a narrow minded Shylock in life.

Second, the thinking goes constricted, turning us less curious to the wonders of the world around. We lose the basic human intelligence that is the hallmark of our species. Thus we block the way of insight that we could have embraced in life.

The mind starts getting anxious, getting busy in building measures for safety and security. It creates a net against the worldly threats that are, supposedly, yet to come. In fact it starts avoiding rather than facing them, if they really are, here and now.

It gets busy with preparing for the future in the present, turns ambitious, and goes anxious.

Ambition starts replacing the joy of the moment!

Throat Chakra Blocking 5th Chakra’s Free Energy of Kundalini Flow

5th chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by the throat chakra blockages, results in not only losing the balance of the hormone flow through the body, but also the balance of life in the mind body system that we humans are.

A blocked throat chakra gives the shoulders their second slouch in the form of a droop as well as a habitual bend to the neck stopping the head from being held high.

It brings disaster!

In fact it tends to pull the third eye chakra down and thus blur the vision and the mind out of their single-pointed focus.

It also tends to pull the crown chakra down losing the dynamic focus out of its balance in life.

Not only this, it also contracts the muscles around the organs placed below it, i.e., the solar plexus, the abdomen, and the pelvis!

It sure is a major culprit as far as the body diseases are concerned!

But why on earth do we keep our shoulders drooping and the head held low?

In fact we need energy to keep them upright against the pull of gravity for healing the throat chakra.

We don’t have enough energy in our body to keep them so!

Now the Basic Question Is: Why?

We keep losing it in providing it to maintain the rigidity of the muscular armor all through our body.

It’s the effect of precisely of what it is a cause, too!

It makes this cause and effect maze a vicious circle of energy.

The cause and the effect start reinforcing each other giving strength not to the body but to this vicious circle of energy!

The scapulae either stretch or else contract in a distorted way.

They exert their pull on the neck also which distorts itself in another ugly way. It turns into a stiff neck that is so common a phenomenon all across humanity on the planet.

The backbone takes up the shape of an inverted arch bending the torso down toward the pull of gravity!

The jaws pull down too, distorting their alignment with each other.

Unnatural Body Posture

All this turns into an unnatural body posture, which we start taking to be a natural phenomenon.

If everyone is insane around, the sane will have their place in a mental asylum alone!

We turn old in our youth, never realizing what we have done to ourselves!

With a throat chakra gone closed, we are left with no 5th chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow even to lively communicate with our fellow beings on earth! All our communications reduce to social protocols and emotional slogan mongering alone.

Third Eye Chakra Blocking 6th Chakra’s Free Energy of Kundalini Flow

6th chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra (sometimes written as Agya chakra), severs the organism’s connection with outside world to a considerable extent, either in the close vicinity of it or in the alienation of distance far away from it along with the distortions that it generates in both of them.

It all started with the human species standing on its twos from its fours in the process of evolution.

Standing on twos was challenging the gravity to a much greater extent than it was on fours.

Humans experience much greater a pull of gravity on their bodies downwards than animals do so.

Also standing on twos changed the direction of the face by 90 degrees like it had changed that of torso. It was necessary to re-posture it against the downward pull of the gravity. That was how it was to keep looking straight in front of the body.

It again fell victim to an increased pull of gravity on its jaws along with its temporomadibular joints.

Evolution on to Twos from on to Fours

Slowly and gradually started the struggle of social existence for mastering not only the planet but also the outside nature. We went on ignoring our inherent inner nature. Instead we kept giving in to the pull of gravity by dropping our crucial organs down by squeezing them in.

That’s how two new chakras came into existence as closed, namely the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. These were not at all there till we were on our fours.

But the evolution has not yet been complete.

As a species we have to complete it now by opening all our 7 chakras in one single go. We can easily do it with the help of the gray matter that only this evolution has endowed us with!

Crown Chakra Blocking 7th Chakra’s Free Energy of Kundalini Flow

The 7th chakra’s free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by a closed crown chakra aka Sahasrara chakra, simply renders all the work done with the opening of the lower chakras as undone and ineffective as far as mobilizing the energy through its circuitous route via the spinal cord in the body is concerned; ultimately tending them all to close again in the due course of time.

In fact what the opening of third eye chakra does to us at a human level, the opening of the crown chakra extends the same to a super-human one.

The ultimate human evolution, as far as it concerns the full human potential, remains incomplete unless the seventh chakra is open along with the rest of them all.

Conversely speaking, an open crown guarantees that the rest of them all are open too.

It opens the last gate that had been obstructing the flow of energy to complete its circuitous path entering the body through the root chakra and leaving it from the crown in order to enter the root again, and thus keep its flow dynamic.

It relaxes every single muscle in the body to be in its highest state of efficiency. This applies when one needs doing an action in its totality.

Body Relaxed & Mind at Peace

As the muscles get relaxed and ready, mind follows suit too. All stress goes away. And the mind rests in ultimate peace as it comes to its state of being in here and now.

You turn to be your own master. You are no more a puppet in the hands of what your destiny had written for you. Why not write your own story with your own pen in your own ink!

You go capable of turning not only your own but also the life of humanity into a heaven to live.

Chakra Healing

We dissolve these fibrous nodes without any massage or any other physical intervention. In fact we do it through chakra meditation under a strict postural discipline, making it a way of life 24×7.