Past Life Regression Therapy

Under hypnotic hypnosis, past life regression treatment takes place. Past memories may appear to a person as a vivid movie or flashes of pictures, often accompanied by noises. While under trance, a person might feel feelings that occurred throughout that time period. The trance client is awake, aware of his or her surroundings, and able to converse with the therapist.

There is a lot of information available concerning previous life regression therapies, and many individuals are interested in learning more about them. People of all religious backgrounds are interested to learn more about the unknown. When people are asked why they want to experience PLR, they frequently respond that they want to know who they were in the past and why they are here, what their life’s mission.

Past life regression is a highly therapeutic and illuminating experience for such clients, giving them with a greater spiritual knowledge and motivation.

However, I have customers who are certain that problems in this life are the result of previous lifetimes. Even if this is the true, I am hesitant to lead a client into a specific experience until a spontaneous previous life regression occurs. Past life regression treatment has been shown to help people with physical, mental, and emotional difficulties. However, the majority of these situations are spontaneous regressions that aren’t prompted by the therapist.

It is critical to access the initial sensitising event in order to treat most difficulties with hypnotherapy; yet, determining where this ISE comes from the therapist’s or client’s conscious mind is challenging. If a client naturally regresses to an event that does not occur in the present time frame during age regression, this indicates that the memories are from a previous life. Such sessions should only be conducted by PLR-trained therapists.

With past life regression therapy works on different levels for every individual:

  • Physical – health issues, such as skin conditions, allergies, cancer and other autoimmune disorders.
  • Mental – different phobias and anxiety
  • Emotional  – understanding painful patterns in relationships
  • Spiritual – spiritual growth, understanding and aligning with life purpose. 

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