Relationship Counseling

Under hypnotic hypnosis, past life regression treatment takes place. Past memories may appear to a person as a vivid movie or flashes of pictures, often accompanied by noises. While under trance, a person might feel feelings that occurred throughout that time period. The trance client is awake, aware of his or her surroundings, and able to converse with the therapist.

The hypnotherapeutic approach is different from any other relationship counselling method. The role, scope and impact of hypnosis in couples’ therapy is unquestionably valuable. Initially both the partners are invited to attend a session together. Subsequent sessions are continued individually and the last session is again conducted with both partners present. 

Our parents are the first people we develop relationships with. Childhood experiences of our own early interactions, as well as those we witness around us, shape us as we grow older. As a result, we all have our own distinct perspectives on relationships, ourselves, and our partners. It’s conceivable that we carry unpleasant triggers from our childhood that influence our communication and conduct. Hypnotherapy is a strong and efficient tool for bringing these hidden beliefs and habits to our conscious consciousness. You learn to understand who you are, what your goals and values are, and how to convey them successfully to others.

First of all for counseling to be effective both partners have to be motivated to work and take responsibility for their behavior in a relationship. Once that is established, the positive and collaborative work can begin.

Hypnotherapy can help you :
  • Release all pent up negative unpleasant emotions from the past and free yourself from anger, guilt, rejection etc.
  • To neutralize negative triggers in relationship
  • To improve your communication
  • To learn new strategies for conflict resolution
  • To enhance intimacy
  • Accept and honor all family relationships
What are the therapeutic modalities used and what is the duration?

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Family Constellation are the main modalities used in relationship counseling.

Duration of Relationship Counseling :

The duration of the therapy varies depending on the individual.

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